Symphony No.8 F Dur, op.93

The Eighth symphony was written by Beethoven in just five months. Beside its small size, it is distinguished by a modest instrumentation, which was previously used by the composer ten years before, in the Second symphony. The Eighth is canonic both in its form and in spirit, this is a return to good old traditions of Vienna classics. If Haydn who died a few years before could hear it he would most certainly exclaim, “This is exactly how it should be done, and what was I saying? Rules should be observed!”


Lemberger Solisten orchestra founded on the basis of Lviv National Music Academy with century-old traditions sees its mission in forming high status of Ukrainian culture in the world music scene. Transcribed for octet and timbals, performed by Lemberger Solisten, the Eighth symphony becomes especially enchanting.


Lviv Tram Depot Lem Station

Three one-storeyed brick buildings, one of which is crowned with a 30-meter pipe, in the late 19th century became the symbol of technical progress in Lviv. From here the first electric trams went on their routs one hundred and fifty years ago, and this was the place of the first Lviv power station. Today the tram depot is one of the most significant and unusual concert venues in Ukraine.

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Anna Maria

nd die brillante Wiedergabe durch die junge Gruppe in unprätenziösem Rahmen ist geeignet, auch junges Publikum für die Klassik zu gewinnen! Gute Idee!


Sehr schön

Stephan Möller

A truly superb ensemble, energetic and transparent in sound, with swing and a sense for Beethoven's brio and dynamic tempo concept! Plus a really exquisite arrangement where you hardly miss anything! BTW this symphony might be "recessive" in instrumentation and form, but not spiritually: With its "wild, gigantic humour" (Furtwängler) it is not at all a light piece, but bursts of energy and wit!



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