The Idea

CLASSIC@HOME - Who we are and what we stand for

The CLASSIC@HOME project aims to create a digital platform for artistic exchange and networking among musicians and their audience.

The platform, launched in March 2020, was created under the circumstances of the Corona pandemic and initially served to make classical concerts available online during the lockdown. To establish CLASSIC@HOME not only during the crisis but sustainably in the long term, we have decided to create a social network in the field of classical music. The following offers are already being planned for our platform: a page with current job offers for artists and cultural managers; an educational resource with possibilities to book lessons online and to create a tailor-made schedule as well as various options to get in contact with other musicians and tutors. Besides, the organization and mediation of online and offline performances, international festivals, masterclasses, and new types of competitions is the responsibility of a further division of CLASSIC@HOME - a booking agency for concerts and artists.

We have many plans and are all the more pleased to welcome the participants - regardless of their location or musical expertise - to our community.

"Thoughts are free," says the German folk song. A thesis that takes on special relevance given the current social events. CLASSIC@HOME stands for equality, open-mindedness, transparency as well as respect and appreciation for one another. These values are the basis for our work and a prerequisite for participation in the offers of CLASSIC@HOME.

The platform CLASSIC@HOME enables musicians to realize joint artistic projects at different locations. The active participation of the audience in the program planning and the artists' selection as well as the possibility of direct feedback are also important for CLASSIC@HOME. With an interactive orientation of our offers, we would like to help shape and promote new forms of cultural experience.

The streaming services as well as the archive recordings of CLASSIC@HOME are free of charge and publicly accessible without any basic fee or other subscription conditions. To support the performing artists and the activities of our platform, we have integrated donation possibilities via a cryptocurrency. Our currency is called virtual applause! This allows the spectators and listeners to give the artists their positive feedback and financially support them. The visitors can choose between a welcoming, a break, or final applause, the intensity of which - from single applause to standing ovations - determines the amount of the donation. In some projects, your financial participation will be applied to support charitable foundations, individual projects and initiatives suggested by musicians.

Right from the start, CLASSIC@HOME has encountered a highly positive response from musicians, spectators, and sponsors. With this support, we were able to bring the platform and program quality to a very high level and win over particularly interesting artists. We look forward to many different kinds of participation - be it financial contributions, provision of necessary technology or recording locations, the participation of professional production teams, or mediation of artists and sponsors. You are cordially invited to enter this new territory with us and turn CLASSIC@HOME into a significant cultural and intellectual meeting place!


We'll be happy if you decide to support young musicians in times of Corona-Crisis!


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