Compositions written by the young Russian composer Murat Kabardokov born 1986 are often transcending existing musical genres and hard to define stylistically. Kabardokov is able to offer us some symphonic pieces and neoclassical chamber music works as well as movie and theater soundtracks, but he also has a keen interest in experimenting. In the age of 13 Kabardokov felt drawn towards music writing and began to study composition. There followed the study years at the St. Petersburg Conservatory, graduation from it with honors, a degree in composition and the first international success from 2012. Kabardokov´s fruitful cooperation with the chief conductor of TAURIDA SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Michail Golikov resulted in some impressive first performances of Kabardokov´s compositions.

Kabardokov´s outstanding tour through the ten American cities in 2016 together with the Klever quartett thrilled both the audience, the music critics and the officials. Now you can find out for yourself if Murat Kabardokov and Klever quartett are that impressive – and if the Americans are right to celebrate them. Join in and enjoy!


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