The instrument our current star Aydar Gaynullin is playing is widely known as a bayan. Bayan is a type of chromatic button accordion developed in Eastern Europe. Essential for bayan are the round buttons placed both on the left and the right keyboard (instead of the usual piano keyboard on the right side). Thus a bayan has a much greater right-hand range and wider sound possibilities than an accordion with a piano keyboard. Due to the buttons you can combine melodies on both left and right keyboards coming quite close to the classical pipe organ range. The register switches combined with external synthesizer effects make the mix unique and let it sound like the whole orchestra!

Listening to the Russian musician Aydar Gaynullin playing bayan is pure magic. Gaynullin is a praised star in Russia and is clearly worth being discovered by the CLASSIC AT HOME audience!

The concert program includes some famous pieces in Gaynullin´s own musical arrangements for bayan and a composition written by himself.


Antonio Vivaldi
L‘inverno“ („Winter“) from „Le quattro stagioni“, op. 8 (RV 297)

Petri Makkonen
A Flight Beyond Time

Alfred Schnittke
Four pieces from the Gogol Suite
Tschitschikov´s Childhood
The Clerks
The Ball

Aydar Gaynullin
Soundtrack from Euphoria movie

Astor Piazzolla

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