“Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy” Ludwig van Beethoven

Spring of 1800, the premiere of Beethoven’s First Symphony: what was it like? Young pianist and composer, ambitious, active and energetic, is set to conquer Vienna’s “top”, which is sophisticated and, last but not least, wealthy. Actively composing, giving concerts, making acquaintances with aristocracy, Beethoven becomes admitted in the music circles, and popularity of the young composer grows. A strong argument for Beethoven in the eyes of the Vienna music lovers was the fact that he studied from Haydn. Haydn saw an exceptional music potential of his pupil and openly spoke about him, although some elements of Beethoven’s compositions he perceived as “gloomy” and “strange”.

…And it all worked. The premiere of the First Symphony in April 1800 was a great success, Vienna Imperial Court Theater was packed full. That was the triumph Beethoven had never experienced before: in the age of 30 he´ve got his own niche in the musical temple of fame, next to Mozart and Haydn. 

Beethoven’s First Symphony is the first step of the Master on the way full of revelations, obstacles, pains and disillusions – to great music. The start is always joyful, and so is the First Symphony, kept in the blissful C major key, a “poem of youthfulness smiling at its own dreams” (Romain Rolland). However, the first large-scale symphonic composition by Beethoven is working not just because of the outbursts of youthful energy, but also due to pathbreaking structural and melodic innovations.

It is the First Symphony that gives a start to the story of Digital Orchestra by Maestro Golikov. Digital Orchestra by Golikov is the orchestra for which there are no geographical borders. It consists of like-minded musicians who are ready to experiment with musical and performing forms and to think laterally. The place where the First symphony is performed is also noteworthy: it is the Peter and Paul fortress in St.Petersburg where the new era of the Russian history began.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No.1 C major, op.21 (1799-1800)

  1. Adagio molto. Allegro con brio
  2. Andante cantabile con moto
  3. Menuetto: Allegro molto e vivace
  4. Finale: Adagio. Allegro molto e vivace

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Sankt-Petersburg! Schön! Bravo!


Благо дарю. Я чаша наполненная энергией Любви. Благо дарю. С уважением Владимир сын любви.

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