Wrongly underestimated by some, the viola plays an important role in a symphonic orchestra and has a considerable structuring function, especially in late romantic music. Four viola virtuosos of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra which we proudly present let the viola sound unfold in its full splendour. Sometimes the music performed by four musicians sounds in fact like a complete string orchestra!

Due to the current strict social distancing rules it is unfortunately not allowed for a whole symphony orchestra to perform on stage. It is also impossible to let all twelve violas of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra play together as an ensemble how they did it in the past. So the four of them, now presenting themselves under the brand VIOLENTANGO, get a free run to unfold with the help of CLASSIC-AT-HOME!

Julia Gartemann, Martin von der Nahmer, Joaquín Riquelme and Martin Stegner put a very interesting program together including pieces by well-known and lesser-known composers, and are now presenting it exclusively for us!

- Henry Purcell: Fantasia for 4 violas Nr. 10
- Max von Weinzerl: Night Piece (Nachtstück)
- George Gershwin: 3 preludes
- Astor Piazolla: “Primavera Porteña“ and „Soledad“
- Toivo Kärki: Siks Ozon mä suruinen

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