The today concert brings two contraries together: systemic approach and passion, purity of thought and rebellious impulse. The music of Bach which opens the concert is universal: it puts your thoughts in order and purifies your soul. It was for good reason that another musical genius Hector Berlioz stated, “Bach is Bach just as God is God”. The mindset of the baroque age which provided Bach to the world, combines linearity of thinking, plentitude of contrasts and vivacity of soul. If Beethoven and the age of classicism which he came from personify vertical development, faith in progress, striving for higher ideals, then baroque is an epoch which was focused on the theme of choice made at the bidding of one’s heart.

Orderly harmonies of Bach are followed by virtuoso passages by Kreisler and Paganini. Fritz Kreisler, one of the brilliant Austrian virtuoso violinists and a talented composer, was very much in tune with his epoch expressing its voice. Kreisler is followed by Niccolò Paganini, the “devil’s violinist”, whose signature piece, caprice No.24, will also be performed at the concert. There is no piece more legendary in the world of violin music: throughout the two centuries of its existence it formed the basis for dozens of other compositions. Caprice No.24 is an integral part of the world cultural heritage, a kind of Mona Lisa in music.

The violinist Yury Revich performing today is amazingly young for the matureness and astonishing creativity he presents to his audience day after day. In the last few years Revich was honoured with several international awards – i.e. The Newcomer of the Year at ECHO Klassik 2016, The Young Artist of the Year 2015 from International Classical Music Awards as well as The Young Musician of the Year from the Beethoven Center in Vienna. Obviously, Revich belongs to the most multifaceted and unconventional musicians of his generation. The concert location is also worth mentioning: it´s the Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel at the entrance of the Prater amusement park in Vienna which symbolises the district as well as the city itself. Constructed in 1897 on the occasion of celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Emperor Franz Josef I, it was long one of the world's tallest extant Ferris wheels in the world. From the top of the wheel (approx. 65 meter height) you can experience a breathtaking panorama of Vienna and the river Danube.

Johann Sebastian Bach
Gavotte from Partita for solo violin No.3, E major, BWV 100
Adagio from Sonata for solo violin No.1, G minor  BWV 1001

Fritz Kreisler
Recitativo and scherzo caprice for solo violin

Niccolò Paganini
Caprice No.24

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