Love Messenger: a concert bringing different love expressions together!

In the romantic and the late romantic era love and all its shades, forms and manifestations took a central position in the European culture. Love was widely experienced and expressed. Various expressions of love, both literal and musical, were complementing each other in a most charming way.

The members of the Essen Philharmonic Orchestra Anita Mishoukova and Mira Nauer (violin), Magdalena Härtl and Ruth Herrmann (viola), Florian Hoheisel (cello) and Boris Gurevich (piano) will perform a selection of chamber music pieces from the 19th century. These will alternate with exerpts from love letters written by same composers and read by Katja Heinrich, actress and speaker.

Clara Schumann:
From three romances for violin and piano op.22, No.3
(A.Mishoukova, B.Gurevich)

Robert Schumann:
From Fairy tale narrations, four pieces for violin and piano op.113, No.1

(M.Härtl, B.Gurevich)
From Five pieces in folk style for cello and piano op.102, No.2
(F.Hoheisel, B.Gurevich)
Felix Mendelssohn:
String Symphony No.11 F major, part 2 (Schweizerlied)

(A.Mishoukova, M.Nauer, M.Härtl, F.Hoheisel)
Fanny Hensel:
Piano trio D minor op.11, part 1 (Allegro molto vivace)

(A.Mishoukova, F.Hoheisel, B.Gurevich)
Gustav Mahler:
Piano quartett A minor in one part

(A.Mishoukova, M. Härtl, F.Hoheisel, B.Gurevich)

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Fjodor Elesin and Classic@Home team

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Лора Скрипник

Прекрасная вечная тема в исполнении талантливых музыкантов!!Это большой подарок для всех !!


On which page it will be shown, please?

Ursel Lindner

freu mich drauf! Ein spannendes Programm, eine tolle Sache! Toi, toi, toi!


We are so happy, can't wait! With all best wishes to all and Anita!


Freu mich drauf von Dir zu hören Anita 🤗


Spannend! Bin dabei und wünsche viel Erfolg!

Francesco Hoch und. Beatrice Hoch - Filli

Wir werden mit Interesse "dazu hören!! " als profi Musiker, es fehlen uns in diesen Monaten di Live Konzerte!! die KULTUR!!

Angela Weber

Großartig. Da bin ich dabei!

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