Katie Mahan is performing on the platform CLASSIC@HOME again! After the brilliant concert featuring Beethoven's Appassionata, this time the famous pianist will present the music of her compatriot, the American composer George Gershwin. She will perform her own solo arrangement of his beloved work, Rhapsody in Blue - which has also become her trademark piece! - at the OVAL - Die Bühne im EUROPARK Salzburg, Austria.

Already one of the most successful Broadway composers, Gershwin was invited by the famous impresario Paul Whiteman to write a work for piano and orchestra. The resulting Rhapsody in Blue, was composed in four weeks as an experiment in creating a new musical style that combines jazz and classical music. The audience was delighted at the premiere, critics welcomed Gershwin's outstanding melodic talent, and the style known as symphonic jazz was born.

Gershwin was convinced of the importance of unique ideas and feelings in music. He believed that jazz is the music of the American people -it is the music in which he could hear the bubbling stream of life - and this inspired him to create a true musical revolution. Gershwin’s ground-breaking work, Rhapsody in Blue, remains as exciting and vital for listeners today as it was in the roaring twenties of the last century.

Welcome to our concert!

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Great performance!!! 👍
Thank you classic at home ❤️

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