The recording of the first performance was provided due to the support of our partner Bayerischer Rundfunk.

It was at the end of 2019 that fifteen professional musicians from Munich, aspiring the year of Beethoven recorded a disc with pieces by the great hero of the anniversary. The craziest thing about the project is Beethoven appears here… in a techno version! This is obviously a blatant provocation that goes against the accepted musical norms – however, it is this provoking manner of presenting music which since 2014 is a signature line of the Jazzrausch Bigband ensemble. It is no coincidence that Jazzrausch Bigband is the first house band of a techno club in the world.

As we worked out the festival program we decided to omit the fact that the band recorded their version of Beethoven’s pieces back in the last year. The main thing is that the music played by Jazzrausch Bigband is in tune with our concept. The performance of the band has a striking effect, clearly demonstrating that these days Beethoven still remains appealing to people, be it even youngsters on a techno club dancefloor. Those who will consider such opening of the festival too shocking will feel happy as they check further program of the BEE250VEN festival, where Beethoven’s pieces will be presented in a more traditional way. But don’t be surprised, as even there we´ve got many other surprises in store for the listeners!

In 2017 Jazzrausch Bigband became a prize winner of BMW Welt Young Artist Jazz Award. Normally the music band gives about 120 concerts a year worldwide. Now, at the COVID time we have them here: you will hear an excerpt from Beethoven’s Breakdown, namely – a make-over of the fragments from the Moonlight Sonata and Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony. Finding and recognizing musical quotations is a pleasure in itself! Enjoy listening!

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Erik Kuhn

Endlich neuer junger mitreißender Jazz

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