Debut film KADDISH

A project by Fjodor Elesin & Classic@Home team

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

We would like to introduce a unique project of great artistic and cultural value for which we wish to request your support. New Classic@Home’s project called KADDISH is a music film performance meant to be a result of reflecting on world affairs in 2022. This is an anti-war statement, reminding the audience that history repeats itself in cycles. And unfortunately, we are now at that curl of the spiral where events are perceived in a surprisingly inverse way, where black is called white and up is called down. Humanity has already committed this fatal error in the past. And today we have to remember our past and face the truth about our present.

KADDISH is supposed to be a short film in the audiovisual genre where historical authenticity and fragmental emotions are found side by side.

Today, we challenge ourselves and start a pilot project focused on turning classical music into film. It is a turning point to make an interpretation of classical masterpieces. And we are ready to open this “Pandora’s box” and create a debut film in the genre of the classical visual in the shortest period of time.

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Already raised: € 35 000 // Total cost of the project: € 35 000

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Beneficiary: Classic at Home
IBAN: DE40 2005 0550 1501 5028 58
Transfer purpose: KADDISH

Every donation helps us bring this unique and worthy project to life. The project status will be updated weekly
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Miecyslaw Weinberg

KADDISH is conceived as a visualized spirit and atmosphere of the 1st movement of the Symphony №21 “Kaddish” written by Miechislav Weinberg – Polish-born Jewish composer. His work is dedicated to the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Holocaust.

The composer’s own destiny was tragic: he was the only one from his family who managed to escape alive from the occupied Warsaw Ghetto. He was haunted by survivor syndrome all his life and consumed by an unbearable sense of guilt for being alive while his parents and beloved little sister died in the Trawniki concentration camp.

Miechislav Weinberg was born in Warsaw in 1919. In 1939 he fled to USSR with his family to escape the Wehrmacht. On the way, Miechislav's younger sister Esther got a blister on her foot during the journey and the parents returned to Warsaw to await her recovery before continuing. 19-year-old Miechislav went on to Minsk. Miechislav's family weren’t able to escape the city. They were deported to Lodz Ghetto and later to the Trawniki concentration camp.

Miechislav Weinberg would never see his family again...

Project timeline

First version
Studio recording
of the Symfony
Final script,
Audio mastering,
production &
location search
Audio mastering,
production &
location search
DOP color

Project team

Fjodor Elesin

Producer Fjodor Elesin

Cellist, creator of the Classic@Home, artistic director and producer of international music and digital projects.

Alexander Tananov

Director Aleksandr Tananov

In 2010 graduated from the VGIK as a cinematographer, and started work as a director of photography (DOP):
- 2011 main prize at Cinéfondation competition (65th Cannes Film Festival) for the short film “The road to”
- 2013 Cinema XXI Roma Special Jury Prize for “Birmingemskiy ornament 2”
- 2015  selection for 66 Berlinale official program - “Eliksir”

His drama "Tragedy in Roger's Bay" has many prizes for cinematography, including prize from Russian Guild of Cinematographers.

Maria Taranova

Scriptwriter Maria Tananova

Born in Luhansk region, Ukraine. Graduated from the Faculty of Film and TV Program Directing at the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting Ostankino. In 2018, she made a documentary short film "RHYTHM", which was included in the SHORT LIST of the national competition held as part of the documentary film festival from the CENTR FESTIVAL. Also Toyota company bought this movie for 2 years.

Manuela Alewaerts

Executive Producer Manuela Alewaerts

Work in advertising, music videos and fiction in own production company and assist in larger projects. Among the projects produced for international artists in Berlin and France and production for the USA.

Actor Hernan Martinez

Actor, dancer and performer. He trained as a dancer at ARTE XXI, UNA and with various teachers. Some of his most outstanding works are: SNIPERS by Rakhal Herreno. THE COMMUNITY by Nicolás Rosses - FIBA2015 - “Revolving Doors” by Alora and Calzadilla in the framework of “Infinite Experience" at the MALBA Museum. AGGREGATE by Alexandra Prici (Romania), LOS PESCADORES DE PERLAS directed by: Michal Znanieck – TEATRO COLON. He worked as an actor in the play Cristal (Exploded) directed by the director, musician, poet Peter Pank.

Actress Victoria C. Leal

Was born in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the year 2000. She began her dance studies at the age of 4, training mostly at Estudio Figuras. In 2018, he graduated from ORT School. Since 2019 she has been studying at the National University of the Arts (U.N.A.) for a degree in choreographic composition. In 2022 he was part of the comprehensive program Cuerpo En Escena (CE) where he presented the works "Menonitas" by Alexis Mirenda, "Una Noche Más" by Lucía Giannoni, and "Almost Everything Makes Sense" by Luciana Brugal.

RUNNER Sofia Fernandez Martinez
DoP Evgeniia Rylova
DoP 2º UNITY - FOCUS PULLER Germán Dario Rocca
2ND AC Mateo Fusilier
GAFFER Joaquín Styslo
ELECTRICIAN Jorge Alejando Salvador Gonzalez
ELECTRICIAN Valentina Cabado Parcero
DIRECTOR ASSISTANT Jose Antonio Virasoro
KEY GRIP Sergio Pacenza
GRIP Joel Estaban Serafino
ART DIRECTOR Milena Colombo
ART ASISTANT Sofia García Skinner
2nd ART ASSISTANT Felipe Prat
MAKEUP Nazareth de los Angeles Moya De Jesus
HAIR Barbara Emilia Lima Machado de Souza

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Support KADDISH now

Details for bank transfer

Beneficiary: Classic at Home
IBAN: DE40 2005 0550 1501 5028 58
Transfer purpose: KADDISH

Every donation helps us bring this unique and worthy project to life. The project status will be updated weekly
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