The siblings Marie-Luise and Christoph Dingler are specialists in the category violin duo. Raised in a musical environment – grandfather a musical director, mother a Cantor and harpsichordist – they achieved their high level of musicianship and unique sound after years of performing together. Their passion and main objective is not only to perfect the existing repertoire, but also to carry the tradition of “violin duo “into the current times.

That’s why The Twiolins premiered their own Progressive Classical Music Award in 2009 to expand and develop the repertoire for two violins. In 2012, the Twiolins were honored for that with the Helene Hecht Prize of the City of Mannheim. From the award-winning works the CD VIRTUOSO was created in 2011, followed in 2014 by SUNFIRE. In September 2017 her latest album SECRET PLACES was released by Hänssler Profil, which received the silver medal of the Global Music Awards.


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