The younger contemporary of Beethoven and the first European romantic composer Franz Schubert stands close to Beethoven and differs radically from him at the same time. Beethoven's music speaks clearly and forcefully to its audience, the music of Schubert sounds decently and heartfelt, in a kind of a confidential half-whisper. A distinctive feature of Schubert's works is also their sonority, equally applying for vocal pieces and instrumental ones. It is amazing, how the German language, perhaps not the easiest language to sing, suddenly turns decent and melodic in Schubert´s hands and flows smoothly.

The program of today´s concert includes two minuets by Schubert and a few musical sketches written by a Catalan composer of the 20th century Federico Mompou, performed by the Russian pianist living in Spain Arcadi Volodos. An outstanding figure in the international musical community, Volodos is deemed to be an excellent master of the piano lyrics. Schubert´s pieces are full of spontaneous impressions and intimate feelings, Mompou is undoubtedly an impressionist standing between Debussy and Satie, - if anybody is able to present this intimacy and to extend it to the whole concert hall, it is Volodos. 

Franz Schubert

Minuet for piano in A major, D.334
Minuet for piano in C-sharp minor, D 600
Trio for piano in E major, D 610

Federico Mompou
Jeunes filles au jardin (from the cycle Scènes d'enfants)
El Lago from Paisajes

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Bravo, Volodos!!!


Sehr schön


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