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The Sonata in C Major Op. 2 No. 3 is the virtuoso masterpiece of the first trio. Today is it hard to imagine the impression this very orchestral composition made on his contemporaries. The first movement, allegro con brio, uses a theme written in the mood of a piece of chamber music that misleads the listener, for then Beethoven writes a succession of broken chords, trills and scales, sempre fortissimo. The uncompromising nature of the beginning of this Sonata remains astonishing to this very day. In the second movement, Beethoven seems to prefigure the melancholy of Schubert as well Chopin’s depiction of emotions. More classical sounds dominate thereafter in the slightly humoristic scherzo that is reminiscent of Haydn. More than the first movement, the finale requires outstanding pianistic virtuosity, even of pianists accustomed to playing the works of Liszt and Rachmaninov.

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