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12th of June
12 violinists
12 pieces of Russian music

On the Russia Day the twelwe vilolinists from the Bolshoi Theater orchestra will perform a benefit concert on the Red Square in Moscow. Live-stream!

12 Is For Russia is a one-of-a-kind international project in honour of the Russia Day. On the 12th of June the Red Square, the undoubted heart of Russia, will fill with some dazzling classical music broadcasted all over the world. The twelwe violinists from the Bolshoj Theater orchestra, the renowned institution still embodying Russian traditions and Russian cultural heritage, will do their best. The main entrance of the State Historical Museum on the Red Square, the so-called Festival Hall with its wonderful acoustics and beautiful decoration, will offer a truly worthy setting for this cultural highlight.

With the help of the modern media other gifted musicians will also be able to join the virtuosos at the Red Square. The talented up-and-coming stars Anastasia Ushakova und Ruslan Turuntaev, both winners of the international Tchaikovsky competition for young musicians, will make use of it and perform from the Omsk Philharmony, (virtually) shoulder to shoulder with the Bolshoi violinists.

The program of the concert includes pieces by Russian classical composers, i.a. works by Dmitri Shostakovich, Aram Khachaturyan as well as Alexander Glasunov. The young musicians Anastasia Ushakova und Ruslan Turuntaev will have the honour to perform some pieces by Tchaikovsky on the occasion of his 180th anniversary.

The concert will be live-streamed at the international musical platform and will be available for music lovers all over the world free of charge.

On the occasion of the main holiday of the Russian Federation the mucisians and the CLASSIC AT HOME organisers would like to make the international musical community aware of the critical situation in the family of the Russian cellist Igor Botvin –as music lovers in the whole world are one big family irrespective of their musical orientation!  

The Russian musician Igor Botvin is a principal cellist playing in the state symphony orchestra Tavrichesky based at the Leningrad region. The two Botvin´s sons Adrian (3) and Mark (5) suffer from adrenoleukodystrophy. Adrenoleukodystrophy is a rare and severe genetic disorder which now can be treated merely by means of a bone-marrow transplantion. The newest genetic techniques necessary for the treatment are extremely expensive. We need about 60 mln roubles to provide the corresponding medical treatment for both children. However, we are resolutely determined to give them a chance for a healthy and happy future!

The concert will be live-streamed at 5 pm Moscow time/4 pm CET at the international musical platform and will be available for music lovers all over the world free of charge. All financial donations will be forwarded to the Botvin family to ensure the necessary medical treatment for the Botvin children.

There have already been some concerts and a charity marathon for the benefit of Botvin family supported by the St.Petersburg Symphony Orchestra, Mariinski-Theater orchestra, Academic Philharmony of St. Petersburg as well as a wide range of musicians from the USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Chile and other countries. Please join us!

We are proud to present our partners in frames of the benefit concert on the 12th of June: TV Bricks, Сasio Music and the State Historical Museum.

The State Historical Museum is the main museum of national history of Russia. Its collection includes 5 million museum items. The museum's permanent exhibition with more than twenty thousand exhibits tells about the development of civilization on the territory of the Russian Federation over several millennia: from the early Paleolithic era to the end of the XIX century.

The State Historical Museum complex includes unique historical and architectural ensembles: the Intercession Cathedral (also known as St. Basil's Cathedral) and the monument to Minin and Pozharsky on Red Square, the Chambers of the Romanov Boyars on Varvarka Street, the Tsar's estate "Izmailovo", the buildings of the former Moscow City Duma, the Mint and the Nikolsky Trade Rows, where we have recently created new exhibition halls, the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812 and the Artillery Court. The museum was one of the first to be considered one of the most valuable objects of cultural heritage of the peoples of Russia.

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