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These days, a lot of people are forced to #stayhome and avoid public contact. But it doesn't mean you can't enjoy classical music – in these times of Home-Office and full-time domestic child care we explore new communication technologies and bring every musician right to your house! We go live and continue under the name Classic@Home!

It is well known that the language of music is universal and international. This project aim is to show exactly that! Not only do we promote a sense of community among our listeners and viewers, we also want to use the possibilities of digital networking to mediate between musicians worldwide!

Our concerts at CLASSIC AT HOME will be committed to this idea in the near future. It would be nice to be able to welcome you as a companion to the live streams.

You can find detailed information about the concerts here.

Information about the CLASSIC AT HOME project here.

Never miss a concert! Enjoy the music from the comfort of your own home and stay healthy!

Fjodor Elesin
Artistic director of the project