Celebrating the 250th anniversary
of Ludwig van Beethoven together!

To mark the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven, we are happy to announce the first [email protected] online music festival – so far the largest online event of this year dedicated to the great composer and his artistic heritage. Together with about 250 international artists and with over 40 concerts, we would like to honor Beethoven and the classical music tradition as well as to create space for modern interpretations and experiments. The festival director is Fjodor Elesin - a renowned cellist and the founder of [email protected]

The festival will take place from August 1 to 30 and will cover all genres represented in Beethoven's works – from piano sonatas to the orchestral symphonies including the famous 9th Symphony, his last completed composition. Within a very short time, we have brought together a unique festival program which will be broadcasted on the [email protected] platform free of charge in the highest sound and image quality matching the level of the participating artists. The audience can financially support the musicians via the "virtual applause" system built in into our website.

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We are especially grateful to the artists who are supporting the charity initiative #HelpBotvins. The music lovers worldwide belong to one big family and stand by each other in good and in bad times. Together with the artists Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Nikolai Lugansky, Arcadi Volodos, and Yury Revich, [email protected] is raising funds to finance treatment of two sons of the Russian musician Igor Botvin - Adrian (3) and Mark (5). The children suffer from a rare and serious genetic disease, adrenoleukodystrophy, which nowadays can only be treated with a bone marrow transplant. Let us help the Botvin family together!

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Participating artists

Outstanding artists from Europe, the USA, Russia, and China will perform at the BEE250VEN – among others, the violinists Mihaela Martin (Romania), Daishin Kashimoto (Japan) and Michael Barenboim (Germany), the pianists Elena Bashkirova (Israel), Haiou Zhang (China) and Katie Mahan (USA), the cellists Frans Helmerson (Sweden) and Alexandre Castro-Balbi (France), world-famous string quartets as the Michelangelo String Quartet, the Quartetto di Cremona as well as the Quatuor Hermès, and our Special Guest Sergey Nakariakov (Russia), who, apart from his program, can also be heard in the intro of [email protected] marking the beginning of each concert.

The 9 Symphonies

The viewers may be excited about what orchestra is going to perform all of the Beethoven symphonies (and where this orchestra is from): the festival program still keeps it a secret. Perhaps only a little hint: the Digital Orchestra by Golikov – a supernova ensemble accepting no geographical boundaries and consisting of like-minded international musicians – will debut at the BEE250VEN festival.

Artistic variety

From classical concerts at renowned venues worldwide to modern jazz interpretations in a special ambience and unexpected concert formats: BEE250VEN offers a crossover program where everybody will be able to have his/her own Beethoven experience.

With the help of over 110 cameras, 13 production teams around the globe are filming this unforgettable musical experience right now. We will share more information shortly.

We look forward to welcoming you at the first international music festival [email protected] BEE250VEN from August 1 to 30, 2020!

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at [email protected], we create an innovative digital community around classical music. [email protected] is a unique platform that broadcasts live streams as well as exclusive concert recordings and gathers attention not only for art projects but also for charity initiatives. With the following sponsoring options, our viewers can support the [email protected] team and the expansion of our platform. We want to thank you for your participation with a special gift and have therefore designed a sponsorship series with tailor-made giveaway - from a perfume created by the artistic director of [email protected] BEE250VEN Fjodor Elesin to video greetings of the festival participants. Your reward will be delivered to the address of your choice upon the festival's ending.

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