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n°1 Duo Khojayan – Poortinga (00:07:40)
Mrs. Meri Khojayan, violin – Armenian / Pinerolo
Mr. Robert Poortinga, piano – Dutch / Pinerolo
W. A. Mozart, sonata n°20 in C Major (K. 303)
C. Debussy, violin and piano sonata (CD 148)

n°2 Duo Ogawa – Harashima (00:33:21)
Mrs. Kyoko Ogawa, violin – Japanese / Tokyo
Mrs. Yui Harashima, piano – Japanese / Tokyo
W. A. Mozart, sonata n°22 in A Major (K. 305)
C. Debussy, violin and piano sonata (CD 148)

n°3 Duo Koblyakov - Bass (01:05:33)
Mrs. Rachel Koblyakov, violin – American / Paris
Mr. Orlando Bass, piano – French / Paris
W. A. Mozart, sonata n°22 in A Major (K. 305)
C. Debussy, violin and piano sonata (CD 148)

n°4 Duo Zenho (01:35:16)
Mr. Benjamin Zekri, violin – French / Lyon
Mrs. Corinne Marinho, piano – French / Lyon
W. A. Mozart, sonata n°19 in Eb Major (K. 302)
C. Debussy, violin and piano sonata (CD 148)

n°5 Duo Artémis (02:22:32)
Mrs. Ziling Guo, violin – Chinese / Hamburg
Mrs. Tianjiao Hong, piano – Chinese / Hamburg
W. A. Mozart, sonata n°23 in D Major (K. 306)
C. Debussy, violin and piano sonata (CD 148)

n°6 Duo Sabatini – Rugani (02:56:14)
Mr. Daniele Sabatini, violin – Italian / Rome
Mr. Simone Rugani, piano – Italian / Lucca
W. A. Mozart, sonata n°22 in A Major (K. 305)
C. Debussy, violin and piano sonata (CD 148)

n°7 Duo Hsinka (03:33:14)
Mr. Shan-Hsin Chang, violin – Taiwanese / Paris
Mrs. Kanami Nishimoto, piano – Japanese / Paris
W. A. Mozart, sonata n°21 in E Minor (K. 304)
C. Debussy, violin and piano sonata (CD 148)

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Thanks to an exceptional partnership with Yamaha, who will open their recording studios and  provision the competition with their pianos around the world, the 16th Lyon international chamber music competition (France) will be broadcast here on Classic@Home.

    • February 24th - 25th - 26th : 2 PM to 7 PM : Streaming of the 1st round
    • March 25th - 26th :  2 PM to 7 PM : Streaming of the semi-final
    • April 25th : 3 PM to 5 PM : Streaming of the final

If the sanitary conditions allow it, the final will be held in public, on Saturday, 24th of April from 3pm to 7 pm, at the Salle Molière of Lyon, and will be broadcast live on Classic@Home. The final will be the opportunity to associate the Quatuor Zaïde for the interpretation of Ernest Chausson Grand Concert, with the finalists. If gathering the artists and the public in Lyon cannot be done, the candidates would have to record their final recital in duo, in the Yamaha studios.
Finally, the Prize-winners concert, presented by the France musical journalist Judith Chaine, will be held at the Opéra de Lyon, on Sunday 25th of April at 4pm. This event will not be broadcast online.

A huge thank-you to the trustworthiness of the Lyon competition partners, and even more specifically to Caisse des Dépôts for an exceptional support to the deployed video divice.

The CIMCL supported by Ville de Lyon, Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Métropole de Lyon, DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, DAAC de Lyon, Opéra de Lyon, CNSMD de Lyon, Université Lumière Lyon 2, Sacem, Spedidam, Caisse des dépôts, Caisse d'Epargne Rhône-Alpes, Fondation Bullukian, Calexa group, Domino assist'm, Fondation Salabert, Yamaha, Luthier Alexandre Snitkovski, Groupe Acti Conseil, MEGEP, Cordes Savarez-Corelli, Fondation Octalfa-Alberici, Generali assurances, Sodexo, RSM, La Belle Saison, Palazzetto Bru Zane, Lyon Parc Auto, JC Decaux, NoMadMusic

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Bernard MOREAU

Bravo et merci à toutes et tous, organisateurs, mécènes, techniciens, musiciens qui m'ont permis de profiter de cette édition 2021, particulièrement émouvante en cette période catastrophique.
La musique entendue pendant ces trois sessions m'a permis d'oublier tout ce qui était négatif pendant quelques heures et, probablement, me permettra de voir les jours prochains sous un angle meilleur.

Merci pour le miracle que vous avez produit : aveuglé par le COVID19, j’ai découvert la lumière.

J’attends avec impatience la séance de 21h.

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